Microservices architecture (as described by Martin Fowler here) is very popular so everyone will come across it sooner or later. Despite the size-focused name this architecture is about organization and functionality of the services, not about their sizes.

We will look into cross-cutting concerns to keep in mind when working…

Ever heard that “clocks are unreliable” or that “you cannot trust timestamps” and wondered what is that all about? Or, have you ever been asked why Google data centres have GPS clocks?

After reading this you will be able to guess the answers. We will briefly describe the issue with…

The holy grail of load balancing is uniform load between workers. Obviously it only exists in a universe of equally-sized tasks and workers which never go offline/slow down or otherwise fail.

Here we will have a brief look at common load balancing methods.
Rather than going into details of HOW load…

You have probably seen “transaction isolation levels” matrix multiple times in documentation for different databases. Here is one for PostgreSQL v.12:

Transaction Isolation Levels

Ever wondered, why are there so many isolation levels? And what does “serializable” actually mean except that it says it prevents “serialization anomaly”?

Let’s have a…

Natalia Pryntsova

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